We are sustainable. We are safe. We are VeiligGroeien

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Who we are

Helping the Dutch people build a safe market for informed adult consumption of Cannabis flowers.​

We are sustainable. We are safe. We are VeiligGroeien!
On May 2020, the Dutch government announced that the Experimentation project on Cannabis cultivation will start in the Netherlands.
Through a public tender, companies that meet strict requirements will have a chance to obtain a license for farming and selling Cannabis flowers and a few derivates.
This news came as glimmer of hope for us, firm believers that a fully regulated market is key for improving public health and reducing environmental impact. And we want to be a part of that!
Our company was established with one purpose only: to help the Dutch people build a safe market for informed adult consumption of Cannabis flowers.
Our founding board is composed by highly educated young men with solid careers in the areas of economics, financial analysis and business strategies. Chartered financial analysts and MBA graduates from the most accredited schools of business, we have gathered to combine our knowledge and expertise towards this common Goal.


Our Values


Freedom with responsibility

Cooperation and integration

We value people


Our Dream

We believe in a free world where informed adults are fully prepared to make safe decisions about their lives.

We believe in socially responsible companies that take responsibility for the well-being of the people they benefit from.

We believe that bringing those two ideas together can be nothing but beneficial for our society as a whole when it comes to the production and consumption of cannabis, and our dream is to take tangible action to help make this happen.




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